Bitter Fact of Life


“Life is harsh, you just have to appreciate what it throws at you. Someone out there is probably wishing they had your Life.”

Before i wrote the quote above nothing played in my mind then i realized how lucky i am to have this life, i may not be where i want to be, i may be broke trying so hard to make ends meet but am not broken. Sometimes i whine, beat myself up and curse at the mistakes i make not giving a care in the world why it happened in the first place.

When i get sucked up in this world of thoughts, am slapped with the bitter harshness of life. “You there bitching about this and that, someone out there is looking for food in a rubbish pit hoping to find the next meal, another is in severe pain because the chemo ain’t helping”. Its usually at this point when i realize that am lucky, God is with me and he has plan. No situation in this world is permanent. Appreciate what life throws at you and thank God for your life because someone out there is crying to the Lord begging him to please bless him/her with your life.

Always be kind to the lesser people you never know when they will save you.


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